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ArtCorps is offering a series of 1-day professional development workshops 
for nonprofit leaders, organizers, educators and philanthropists


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Our programs have evolved into a cascading training model to build grassroots networks, widen our scope and deepen impact.
Creative Action Institute works to better connect conservation, health and human rights initiatives with the communities they serve through participatory leadership and creative outreach. Our work spans the globe, including Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Cameroon and the U.S. The evolution of our model has heralded the transformation of ArtCorps into a new organization in 2016: The Creative Action Institute! We’re thrilled to share that the essence of ArtCorps will continue on as the Artists in Residency program under CAI, connecting artists with communities around the world to educate and inspire. 

Since 2010, our programs have evolved into a training model to build partnerships, widen our scope and deepen impact. We seek to serve the growing number of community leaders and educators engaging in participatory techniques - compiling our best practices gained from a decade in the field into a dynamic curriculum to transform missions into reality.

ArtCorps will transition into the Community Engagement Program of Creative Action Institute. CAI will continue to recruit and train field artists to undertake culturally sensitive community arts projects that engage and educate while supporting regional social and conservation initiatives. Our flagship program will shine on throughout the journey of connecting people to the power of art.

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WATCH: Gulf of Honduras Creative Conservation Project

"I arrived lacking in so many aspects, but before the end of the three days, the harvest was abundance. The training has completely shaped and enriched me with a world of knowledge and creative skills that will not only be useful to my organization, but for the communities where we work. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the facilitators who, in just three days, were able transform me from a leader to a creative leader." - Dr. Felix Lawir, Director, Nature Care Cameroon

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