Isabel Carrio Artist Profile:

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Isabel is a visual artist from Argentina, trained in painting, drawing and printmaking. In New York City, she completed a fellowship in mural-making at the National Academy of Fine Arts and worked for two years as a teaching artist in the public school system. She also taught visual arts at a community arts center in India. As an educator, Isabel emphasizes the value of learning from one another.

She enjoys the contemplative silent aspect of painting, drawing and photography and is inspired by her students, the magic and energy of live music and group collaboration. In her abstract painting, she concentrates on obstacles such as old walls and ancient markings, in order to find solutions to them.

Last year Isabel began using her painting, sculpture and photography talents to enrich FUNDENOR’s education and outreach, and this coming year will continue to seek ways to incorporate Mayan culture into her work with 48 Cantones and Ecologic Development Fund.

Personal Statement

"The creative process heals and empowers by making us more aware of how we are feeling, thinking and behaving and connecting us to each other. Personally, art helps me stay focused in my life and keeps me on the right path: learning, discovering, producing and sharing."

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