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Patricia Escalon
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Patricia Escalon has been crafting stories since childhood. Writing for online publications has allowed her to flex her non-fiction muscles. A Bachelor of Arts majoring in journalism and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing have drummed into her the elements of story and theme. Her production skills range from screenwriting, to still photography, financial planning, budgeting, research for documentary feature and social media marketing. Not A Chance is her first documentary. She has created short performances in labs held by playwright Tim Crouch, improvised dialogue for silent films with Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes and crafted humorous fiction for the 2009 Brisbane Fringe Writers festival Le Smoking – Bang! Bang! She was one of the official bloggers and tweeters for the 2010 National Young Writers Festival in Australia. Recently, she has been training with Brisbane Playback Theatre as a performer.

Brisbane Playback Theatre enacts stories from their audience using improvised drama and music. Their work involves collaborating with human rights groups, high schools and service organizations to foster understanding among different sectors of the community.

Patricia’s participation in Playback Theatre has influenced her writing by allowing her to see how performers can interpret narratives from real life without the need for a script. She has also learned group facilitation techniques to foster creativity and enhance dramatic skills.

After seeing the impact that applied theater can have on local communities in places like Australia, Patricia was attracted to the idea of being able to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. ArtCorps’ mission of translating the goals of an NGO into art to effect social change gives her the opportunity to make that wish a reality. In 2011 she will be supporting ArtCorps' partnership with Cultural Survival.

Personal Statement

"Artists have always been social activists. Their role is to hold a mirror to society, encouraging individuals to question the status quo. Storytelling adds to this role by allowing individuals to connect to each other by sharing stories and by fostering mutual understanding between different peoples. It is only by empathizing with each other that we can transform our society."

"I arrived lacking in so many aspects, but before the end of the three days, the harvest was abundance. The training has completely shaped and enriched me with a world of knowledge and creative skills that will not only be useful to my organization, but for the communities where we work. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the facilitators who, in just three days, were able transform me from a leader to a creative leader." - Dr. Felix Lawir, Director, Nature Care Cameroon

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