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Miguel Zepeda Santos
Artist Profile

FUNDAHMER staff and ArtCorps Artist Miguel Zepeda holding environmental bannerMiguel’s interest in art was awoken in 2008 when the ArtCorps Artist Laura Smith arrived in his town. Together, they planned and implemented artistic initiatives with young people—Miguel as FUNDAHMER's Youth Program Coordinator with a solid background in popular education, and Laura as the Artist in Residence. This was how Miguel began to explore and learn about the techniques involved in painting, theater, puppets, mosaics, dance, prints, etc. These creative tools have strengthened his work as a facilitator, enabling him to join the team of ArtCorps Artists in 2012. In 2012, he supported the final year of our partnership with FUNDAHMER, leaving the staff confident in their ability to continue to use creative methods in all areas of their work. In 2013, Miguel is accompanying Servicio Jesuita para el Desarrollo by training their field teams and advising the design of their new youth program.

Miguel loves theater for its ability to transmit a message through a simple gesture or word and is currently taking classes in this art. He also enjoys the collective energy and the sensation of being in harmony with other participants. His creations are always dedicated to an important historical event, a social activist or a social issue. As he explains it: “For me, art without content isn’t art, it’s just a show.”

Personal Statement

I believe that the value of art cannot be measured by money but by the benefit and social changes to which it contributes.

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